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Berkeley Square

Hamilton, Ohio



Hamilton, Ohio


Montage Mason

Mason, Ohio

We asked residents and staff how they would describe their community in one word. The answer was unanimous...


A simple word that carries so much meaning. Home is a place where you make lasting memories, where you gather with the people you love most. A place where important milestones are celebrated with family and friends. But home is more than a place, it’s a feeling too.

The feeling of being loved and cared for by people who have your best interest at heart. The security of knowing that no matter how circumstances may change, someone will always be there to take care of you. The support of having an entire community of neighbors right outside your door who have been there, and want to be there for you too. 

We are a family, and we look forward to welcoming you.

Book your private tour today and discover why our communities make such a special Home.


“Living here has made my life fuller. I’ve made friendships

that I never dreamed I would have.”

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