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Get back in your element at Elements Wellness Centers! 


Putting your fitness and health goals back at the core of your life has never been easier with centrally located, and older adult-centered, Elements Wellness Centers at our Berkeley and Westover campuses. With health and wellness options just a short walk, scoot, or drive away, it’s easier than ever to implement a new physical routine into your life when you sign up for a membership at Elements Wellness Centers.  
Elements Wellness Centers’ Ashley Crossley, Resident Lifestyle Specialist would explain that Elements is “not just a gym, we are a place where people come to make friends, develop relationships and even see old friends from years ago.” Health and wellness can come in many forms, and more than physically, create a social comradery among members at its core. 

Elements Wellness Centers offer state-of-the-art fitness equipment, an aerobic studio, a swimming pool, a sauna, and specialized fitness classes for adults 50 and over. With the guidance and help from Elements Wellness staff, members benefit from having hands-on training and assistance with equipment, classes, and encouragement to stay active and healthy.Elements takes a holistic approach to health and wellness by integrating not only physical but social and spiritual aspects also. Elements is a place you can have fun while getting fit. 

Members can experience a lot of different options at Elements when it comes to forms of exercise. Some highlights include an innovative fitness facility with cardio equipment, strengthening machines that focus on all areas of the body, and free weights. Elements also offers water classes that vary in intensity- some focusing on those with arthritis and others that are more intense that get your heart pumping. Of course, there are classes out of water that range from low to high intensity. Elements even offers one on one specialized training to help people that need a little extra guidance or encouragement, or for those that have more specific needs. From chair yoga and balance classes to more intense classes like Stretch & Flex and Circuit classes, there is something that benefits every BODY!

Attending fitness classes, water aerobics, or simply utilizing workout equipment is important to overall health, but can also assist in staying fit and mobile as one ages. At Elements Wellness centers, find your center of balance. According to a Harvard Health article, older adults over the age of 65 who regularly exercise can decrease their likelihood of falling by 23% (, 2019). In the aging population, exercise has also been shown to prevent disease, improve mental health and well-being, strengthen social ties, and improve cognitive function. 

Elements Wellness Centers welcome individuals to begin their wellness journey and enjoy spending time at Berkley and Westover communities. Residents of either campus can enjoy the benefits of Elements Wellness Centers for free while community members 50+ can sign-up for an individual membership. 

Learn More About Elements Wellness Centers and become a member today:

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